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What is the interest rate?

This is a loaded question that pops up in almost every conversation. DEROTTO works with over 40 different banks, credit unions, and private lenders whose rates vary. Our goal at DEROTTO is to find the best rate possible for our clients. You will determine the rate. Your rate will be based on your business credit, financials, equipment age, dollar amount, etc.

Does DEROTTO finance equipment from a private seller?

It doesn't matter if a business is purchasing equipment from a private seller or a vendor - it can be financed.

An important point to make about private equipment financing is if you are selling your equipment and you post the equipment for sale on Kijiji, Truck Trader, or something similar, then you might consider adding "FINANCING AVAILABLE" in your ad. This tagline might help you sell your equipment sooner rather than later if your buyer is aware you have financing options to purchase the equipment - Something to think about.

DEROTTO has several lending sources that will finance used equipment. Many people are unaware that banks and credit unions will finance used equipment. DEROTTO has over 40 lenders in its network with about a third of them being banks or credit unions. All the banking and credit union sources DEROTTO works with will finance used equipment.

Does DEROTTO finance vehicle or equipment end-of-term buyouts?

The answer to this question is “Yes”. This often applies to situations where a business originally received financing via the manufacturer. In many situations, the manufacturer does not offer end-of-term financing which can leave a business scrambling. Many businesses are simply unaware of their options at this point. DEROTTO works with several lenders that finance end-of-term buyouts.

Does DEROTTO finance software, implementation fees, service fees, etc?

The answer to this question is “Yes”. DEROTTO works with several lenders that finance software. Financing software can be an effective way to acquire the software solution your business needs. In many situations the monthly payment is neutralized by the cost savings the software solutions generate for the business, therefore costing the business in essence nothing.

Does DEROTTO finance equipment from the US?

Yes, we do. There are a couple of extra steps to follow because the equipment has to clear Canadian customs, but other than that it is no different than if the equipment is purchased in Canada.

I don't want to lease my equipment because I want to own my equipment at the end!

It seems like every conversation I have with a person inevitably that person will say something along these lines:

  • I don't want to lease my equipment because I want to own my equipment at the end.

People say this because they don't understand. Other than the tax treatment and registration process, a loan or lease is the same thing. Both financing instruments require you to pay a set monthly payment over a specific length of time. Until you pay your obligation under either a loan or a lease you don't own the equipment. Once you've satisfied all of your commitments under the loan or lease, then you own it.

All leases DEROTTO gets people involved in are Lease-to-Own without exception.


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