In its basic form, a lease is a contractual agreement between the lessee (the customer) and the Lessor (the funder). The funder purchases the equipment from the supplier of choice of the customer and in turn leases it back to the customer at fixed, regular payments for a term with an option at the end.


What is a typical lease term?
Does the equipment have to be purchased from a vendor?
Isn't it more expensive to lease than borrow?
What are the penalties to pay out a lease early?
What is the purchase option at the end of the term and what are my options?
What products and services can be leased?
Isn't my company better to pay cash or borrow rather than lease?
Are there any tax advantages to leasing equipment rather than buying for cash or borrowing?
I think leases are for businesses that have no money and can't qualify for a loan at the bank... is this accurate?​
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