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THE TEAM at Derotto Leasing

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Darryl Otteson is the president and founder of DEROTTO Leasing. Completing his post-
secondary education at UBC, Darryl graduated with a civil mechanical engineering degree in
1992. Catering to his natural proficiency with numbers, Darryl set his sight on the financial
services industry shortly after graduation. Launching his career as an independent financial
advisor, Darryl built an investment portfolio of over 50+ million in his first six years in the
industry (1993-1999). Finding success as an independent financial advisor, Darryl segued to the
commercial side of finance. Making a seamless transition as a commercial lease broker, Darryl
has since written an excess of 100 million leases. DEROTTO Leasing was established in 2004 and
maintains its integral roots as a family owned and operated business. Darryl instills his core
values of efficiency, honesty, and reliability into his business, which he attributes to DEROTTO
Leasing’s continued growth and success.

Darryl Otteson

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Jayce Otteson graduated from Okanagan College with a business diploma, specializing in
finance, in 2016. After graduation, Jayce worked full time in various trades. These work
experiences enhanced Jayce’s knowledge of industrial equipment, heavy-duty machinery, and other specialized commercial assets. Motivated to work in the family business, Jayce became a lease broker for DEROTTO Leasing in 2018. Jayce is driven, provides exceptional customer service, and is genuinely passionate about facilitating the leasing needs of businesses across Canada. He strives to make a career in the financing and leasing industry, and plans to help as many Canadian business owners along the way as possible.

Jayce Otteson
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