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Are you tired of reaching out to your existing lender and dealing with someone new every time? Being stuck on hold? Talking to robots? Or they just don’t understand your business or your specific situation.

Unfortunately, being reduced to a file number that’s handed off amongst cubicles is the new norm. Worse off, some franchised institutions have created a culture that’s lent us to believe in the mantra, “no expectations, no disappointments”. We’re seeing “valued customers” becoming desensitized to this lack of service standards, communication, and follow-up that all companies, large or small, should provide – no excuses. Here at DEROTTO, we are a 2-man team and pride ourselves on our instant response times. If we miss a call from you, we guarantee we will return it no later than 24 hours – most times it is within 30 minutes. We believe that prompt communication and diligent file management should be a given, not a bonus. To us, you are not a file number – you’re a business owner with real risk, real goals, and real timelines.

While our world is undoubtedly becoming more automated, we don’t see why customer service needs to fade. If anything, savvy technology should afford service providers the time to provide even better service!

At DEROTTO, when you give us the opportunity, you can trust that we’re always there for you be it an email, a text, or a call. Our cell phone numbers are at the bottom of this newsletter and can be reached at any time. Let us show you what real service and diligent follow-up is all about; you might just appreciate a breath of fresh air – We are addicted to service and communication.

Businesses are always asking why they should use DEROTTO when they can go to their bank. This is a legitimate question. There are several benefits to using DEROTTO:

  1. If anything, to keep your existing lender honest.

  2. If it saves you money, what do you have to lose? DEROTTO has competed head-to-head with many different financial institutions and to the surprise of many business owners DEROTTO was able to find a better, more competitive option.

  3. The old saying "Time is Money". For the same time you can go to your bank DEROTTO can present your lending application to 5 to 10 lenders. You never know, DEROTTO might find a better option. We work for you!

  4. SPEED - We pride ourselves in getting you an answer quickly. Depending on the complexity of the financing, approval’s take no longer than 24 hours!

  5. It never hurts to have multiple lending sources for your business. The old saying of "Don't keep all of your eggs in one basket" is important to remember when it comes to borrowing money. No lender has a monopoly on lending.

We are not saying don’t go to your existing lending option. All we say is why not give us a shot? Many people think DEROTTO only provides high-rate financing or only works with businesses with poor credit or weak financials. This can't be further from the truth.

DEROTTO has an extensive network of banks, credit unions, and private lenders (about 4 dozen) to provide equipment financing for businesses that are well established to start-ups, new equipment to used equipment, good financials to poor financials and strong credit to weak credit - DEROTTO can do it all. DEROTTO has spent years building an extensive network of lenders to be able to provide equipment financing for any situation that comes across the desk.

We look forward to hopefully having a chance to work together!


Click the button below to fill out the working capital application form.

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