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DEROTTO is proud to announce our company’s 20th year anniversary! Reaching our 20th year in business, we thought we would celebrate this milestone by investing in a slight rebrand, showcase a new logo, and update our website. We hope our new logo will catch your eye and become a recognizable brand for all your equipment financing needs. At DEROTTO, we understand keeping up with the times is a necessity and continuing to grow the business to deliver the best experience for our clients is always top of mind.

DEROTTO has a combined 63 reviews on Google and BBB. We believe reviews are an important tool and means of building trust with clients. We started to incorporating reviews into our business last year, and we’re grateful to our loyal clientele for sharing their positive leasing experiences. DEROTTO has dealt with 1,000’s of businesses in our 20-year history and we’re eager to continue serving more entrepreneurs like you.

When businesses offer and ask for reviews, they naturally run the risk of receiving negative reviews. As you can see on Google, DEROTTO has two, 1-star reviews. As a business owner, you can’t always please everyone and it’s vital to remember that there are always two sides to every story. Fortunately, we think these two negative reviews can be turned into a positive, as both are centered around DEROTTO’s diligent follow-up. Some people may not appreciate the consistent contact from DEROTTO, but we believe communication in the financing world is our superpower. We are always a call, email, or text away and try to answer within minutes. Would you rather this, or a bank taking 5-10 business days to respond?

One of the more rewarding aspects of being in business for 20 years is watching the word-of-mouth referrals come through. When DEROTTO first started in 2004, like most businesses, it was extremely challenging building up a clientele; especially since we mostly communicate over the phone and email. However, we’ve done a lot to earn your trust and today, repeat business and referrals makes up +70% of our applications per year- something we are very proud of.

Keep an eye out for DEROTTO’s new branding and remember to take negative google reviews with a grain of salt. Instead, focus on a company’s true mark of success: years in the business. Thank you for being apart of 20 years of DEROTTO Leasing and here’s to 20 more! We look forward to building a strong foundation with your company in the future.


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